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Beadle's Dime Classic Stories

Beadle's Dime Classic Stories is the title of the only number issued of what was intended apparently to be a series of illustrated reprints of popular stories for boys. It appeared December 20, 1864, as a Christmas offering,(1) and is an octavo booklet (Fig. 37), 9 by 5 3/4 inches in size, with orange covers, illustrated with a black woodcut which reappears as the frontispiece. There are 27 other illustrations, all newly drawn by George G. White. The booklet contains 54 double-column pages of small type with single-column cuts. It sold for ten cents. Beadle & Co., 118 William Street, is the publishers' imprint. Later the booklet was reprinted from 98 William Street. All issues are rare.

Fig 37.  Beadle's Dime Classic Stories.

Fig 37. Beadle's Dime Classic Stories
"Robinson Crusoe" was apparently the only number issued (1864).

With No. 92 (No. 48, new series), April 13, 1872, the series ended, although another number had been announced for May 15, but apparently never appeared. The announced dates and the dates of actual appearance of the novels, as shown by newspaper advertisements ("Out today"), differ in some cases by as much as two weeks. In the following list the newspaper dates are given the preference.

1 A blurb on the back wrapper of the Dime Biographical Library, No. 12, announced it for issue on December 20, 1864. It was deposited for copyright the same day. Advertised in the New York Tribune, December 24, 1864, and in Harpers' Weekly, December 31, 1864.

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