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Daly, Augustin.

The title page of Irwin P. Beadles Ten Cent Novels, No. 3, reads "The Patriot Highwayman, by The Author of 'Leah, the Forsaken,' " but in advertisements the booklet was said to be by "Latham C. Carleton," that is, Edward S. Ellis. "Leah, the Forsaken" was the title of Augustin Daly's adaptation of Solomon Hermann von Mosenthal's play entitled "Deborah," originally produced in Vienna in 1849, and by Daly in the Howard Athenaeum, New York, December 8, 1862. Temporarily, the story is listed here as well as under Ellis' name although doubtless Ellis was actually the author.

(John) Augustin Daly, dramatist and theatrical manager, was born July 20, 1838, in Plymouth, North Carolina. He went to school, first in Norfolk, Virginia, and then to the public schools of New York City. For a time he was dramatic editor of the New York Sunday Courier, beginning at the age of twenty-one, and for the next ten years held that position on the Courier, Times, Express, Sun and Citizen. In 1869 he became manager of the old Fifth Avenue Theatre, on Twenty-fourth Street, New York, and when this building was destroyed by fire in 1873, he opened the old Globe Theatre on Broadway within three weeks. In 1879 he opened Daly's Theatre, on Broadway, near Thirtieth Street. His first play was the adaptation of Mosenthal's "Deborah," mentioned above, and after that he produced some seventy-five original plays and translations. He died in 1899.

Irwin P. Beadle's Ten Cent Novels. No. 3 (See, however, E. S. Ellis, under the pseudonym "Latham C. Carleton.")

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