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Dale, Alice.

The two stories listed below appeared originally in The Family Story Paper as serials. "My Young Wife; or, A Tempest in the Household," by "My Young Wife's Husband," was begun in Volume V, October 22, 1877, and "My Young Husband; or, A Confusion in the Family," by "Myself" was begun December 24, 1877. In the "Correspondents' Column" of the same paper for July 29, 1878, is the statement that "Winsome Winnie and My Young Husband were written by the same author." The former story was begun in Volume V, July 15, 1878, and the author was given as Alice Dale. Alice Dale, therefore, is the author of the two stories listed below, but whether it is a real name or a pseudonym is at present unknown.

† A story with an American locale, entitled "Alice Dale" was begun in The Family Herald (London), March 6, 1858. The author was given as "C. O." Whether there is any connection between "C. O." and the author who used the pen name "Alice Dale" is unknown. Another suggestion about the author is contained in a letter from Jacob Abarbanell, editor of Norman Munro's Golden Hours, to William J. Benners, August 21, 1919. He said: "Fred A. Steams was a good writer, author of 'My Young Wife,' 'My Young Husband,' 'Married, My Boy, Married,' and other stories in the Family Story Paper, written, I believe, under the nom of Fred King."

Waverley Library (quarto). Nos. 71, 78

† Correction made as per Volume 3.

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