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D"Ennery, Adolphe Philippe.

Adolphe Philippe Dennery, or, as he later called himself, d'Ennery, a French Jewish playwright, was born in Paris, June 17, 1811, and died there January 26, 1899. Originally a notary's clerk, he turned to journalism and began writing sketches for the smaller theaters. His first drama was "Emilie," produced in 1831, and after that he wrote some 210 melodramas and comedies, usually in collaboration with some one else, among others Bourgeois, Cormon, Grange, Plouvier, Foucher, Clairville, and Cremieux. His greatest success, "Les deux orphelines" was produced in 1874, and has been translated and played in America and Germany as well as in France. He also wrote the librettos of Gounod's "Faust" (1856) and Massenet's "Le Cid" (1885), and a number of novels.

† "Les deux orphelines" was made into an English novel, with the title "The Two Orphans," by Emma Garrison Jones, under the pen name "E. J. Walraven." In the Waverley Library, Beadle gives the author of his edition as A. P. d'Ennery.

Waverley Library (quarto). No. 70

† Correction made as per Volume 3.

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