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Corrections and Additions
Volume 1

SINCE THE PUBLICATION of Volumes I and II of The House of Beadle and Adams many additions and corrections have been made to the text. In the following pages these changes are listed by page numbers, columns, and lines, so that they may be entered, if desired, in their proper places in the previous volumes. Some time has been spent in going through the story papers of other New York publishers and of those of London, searching for the sources of the novels which Beadle reprinted. The originals of translations are given where known, but since the first words and even the names of the characters were often changed in the reprints, it was sometimes impossible to identify them. Fortunately relatively few of Beadle's tales are reprints, although innumerable Beadle novels were reprinted in England and, in translations, in other foreign countries.

Corrections to Volume 1 have been made and are indicated by the † symbol.

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