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Corey, Frank.

FRANK COREY (1843-1934)

Francis Adelbert Corey, a son of Abraham Corey and his wife, Hannah Perkins, was born in Troy, New Hampshire, February 9, 1843. In 1847 his parents removed to Marlboro, New Hampshire, and there, for a few years, he attended the public schools. Later he went to Canton, Ohio, where he began to study for the ministry, but was obliged to abandon that on account of trouble with his voice and thereafter, except for a few years teaching school, devoted himself to literature. He was married to Rebecca Douds in Canton, March 16, 1871, and had one son, Leslie (1872-1933). After his wife's death, he was married for a second time, April 20, 1874, to Nellie Medill, also of Canton. She died a few years later, and Corey removed to Winchendon, Massachusetts, where he lived with a sister. About 1882 he removed to Keene, New Hampshire, and there was married in 1885 to Mary Beckley (1850-1928), a school teacher. Corey lived in Keene until his death, December 6, 1934, at his home at 33 Pine street. He was buried in Woodland cemetery.

Corey was well known as a writer of short stories and novels, contributing to the New York Weekly, Saturday Night, Family Story Paper, Saturday Star Journal and the Banner Weekly, mostly under the pen name "Rett Winwood." He was a member of the First Congregational Church of Keene, and was known as a gentle, mild-mannered man, much respected in his home town.

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Under the name "Rett Winwood" were published:

Saturday Journal. Nos. 130, 378, 408, 460, 535, 640
Banner Weekly. Nos. 446, 476
Fireside Library. Nos. 4, 29, 63, 73
Waverley Library (quarto). Nos. 143, 157, 166, 180, 236
Waverley Library (octavo). Nos. 4, 72

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