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Conroy, J.D.

J. D. Conroy is a pen name under which one of James Malcolm Rymer's tales was reprinted.(1) For the only novel under this name, see Rymer.


1 Dime Library, No. 275, "The Smuggler Cutter; or, The Cavern in the Cliff," by J. D. Conroy, is the same as American Tales, No. 85, "The Pirate Scud; or, The Rift and the Spray," by Malcolm J. Merry. This, in turn, is the same as "The Rift and the Spray," by Malcolm J. Errym, published by Frederic A. Brady, in New York, in 1860. But Errym and Merry, both anagrams of Rymer, were pseudonyms of J. Malcolm Rymer; consequently Conroy is Merry, is Errym, is Rymer.

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