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"Clara Augusta."

Clara Augusta Jones, later Mrs. Elbridge S. Trask, wrote under the name "Clara Augusta." For novels published by Beadle under this name, see Mrs. Trask.

Various writers have said that "Clara Augusta" was Mrs. Spencer Trask, but this is clearly impossible, for "Clara Augusta" was writing poetry for Gleason's publications in 1853, the year of Mrs. Spencer Trask's birth, and for Beadle when the latter was eight! Haynes(1) said that "Clara Augusta" was Winifred Winthrop, another error, for "Winifred Winthrop" is the title of one of "Clara Augusta's" stories, published by Beadle as Dime Novel No. 23. George Waldo Brown(2) correctly gave her name as Clara Augusta Jones; and the People's Home Journal(3) said, in 1907, "Readers may be surprised to learn that 'Clara Augusta' and 'Hero Strong' are one and the same, both being pen names of Mrs. Clara Augusta Trask."


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