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Carlton, Gerald.

Gerald Carlton, reporter, journalist, and novelist, was one of the later writers of love stories and nickel novels. Very little has been written about him. He lived in Brooklyn in 1883, in New York from 1887 to 1889, and again in Brooklyn from 1890 to 1903. He wrote for Frank Leslie's Monthly in the early 1880's, and in 1890 "Her Mad Love," a psychological novel, was announced for publication by J. S. Ogilvie. An article on how to write dime novels was written by him for the New York Star and reprinted in The Author. "Leonie, Empress of the Air" appeared in Leslie's Monthly in 1881-82 as a serial, and "Eileen Aroon" in Arm Chair in 1881. Other novels, not published by Beadle, were "Jasper Delaney," "Adam Ferguson," and "Mark Mereton's Money." Beadle published only one of his stories. The Nickel Library contained a few of his novelettes in the 1870's and 1880's.

REFERENCES: The Journalist, XI, August 23, 1890, 9; The Author, Boston, II, August 15, 1890, 119; New York City Directories, 1887-88, 1889-90; Brooklyn Directories, 1883-84, 1890-1903. He was not listed from 1894 to 1896 nor in 1900.

Half-Dime Library. No. 632

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