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Carleton, Cousin May.

"Cousin May Carleton" was a pseudonym of Mrs. May Agnes Earlie Fleming.(1) Novels published under this name are given under the name Fleming.


1 The American Bookseller, IX, 1880, 267; Allibone, Supplement; William Cushing, Initials and Pseudonyms, New York, 1886, 50, 428. A tale in the New York Mercury, XXVI, No. 1323, May 28, 1864, gives "Miss M. A. Earlie (Cousin May Carleton)" in the "by-line." Among Beadle's novels, Twenty-five Cent Novels, no. 1 and Starr's Fifteen Cent Illustrated Novels, no. 71 by May Agnes Fleming are the same as serials by Cousin May Carleton in the New York Mercury, volumes XXII and XXIV. In an announcement of a forthcoming novel, in Saturday Journal/Star Journal (various title changes), no. 86, the two names are thus coupled, "Cousin May Carleton (Mrs. May Agnes Fleming)."

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