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Carlen, Emily Flygare.

Emilie Smith, Swedish novelist, was born August 8, 1807, in Stromstad. In 1827 she was married to A. Flygare, a physician in Smaland. After his death in 1833 she began to write, and in 1838 her first novel, "Waldemar Klein," appeared anonymously. In 1839 "Der Reprasentant" and "Gustavus Lindorm" were published, and in 1840 "Die Milchbruder." She then went to Stockholm, and in 1841 was married to Johan Gabriel Carlen, a lawyer who was even at that time famous as a poet. Novels and romances followed in rapid succession until 1852, when her son, Edward Fivgare, already famous as a writer, died. She ceased writing for several years after that. The romance which is generally considered her best is "Ett Kopmanshus i Skargarden," published in 1859. Most of her novels, which are fresh and full of humor, deal with life on the Kattegat coast. A collected edition of her novels in thirty-one volumes was published in Stockholm in 1860-75. Many of her works have been translated into German and English. Her second husband died July 6, 1875 and she died February 5, 1892, in Stockholm.

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