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Beadle's Sixpenny Tales

THIRTEEN MONTHS after Beadle's American Library, No. 1, appeared, another series was begun by the London branch, the Sixpenny Tales. The first story was a reprint of Sylvanus Cobb, Jr.'s "The Haunted Life," which had been published previously as a serial in the New York Ledger, beginning September 21, 1861. It was never reprinted by Beadle in America, probably on account of the copyright laws. Only eleven numbers of the Sixpenny Tales were printed, and with the exception of three or four, all were reprints of previous American publications of other publishers. I have seen none of the Tales except a bound volume of Menra Hopewell's "Legends of the Missouri and Mississippi," and in that the wrappers had been removed in binding. Clayton & Co., Bouverie Street, London, were the printers. The size of the booklets was the same as that of the Dime Novels

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