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Browne, H.K.

One novel, published by Irwin P. Beadle, was credited to H. K. Browne. Who he was is unknown. His novel "The Loyalist," is not the same as "The Loyalist" (also called "Red Hand; or, The Channel Scourge") by A. G. Piper. The former is a tale of New York and South Carolina during the Revolution; the latter is an English story of a poor fisher boy who became an Earl. It has been suggested that H. K. Browne was Hablot K. Browne ("Phiz"), but while "Phiz" illustrated a considerable number of English thrillers, so far as known he never wrote one. Furthermore, it is extremely unlikely that he would have written a story whose scenes are American.

Irwin's American Novels. No. 19

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