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Brentford, Burke.

Burke Brentford was a pseudonym of Nathan D. Urner.(1) For novels published under this name see Urner.


1 J. E. Haynes, Pseudonyms of Authors, New York, 1882. Confirmed in a letter, June 5, 1941, from Street & Smith, for whom Urner wrote under this name. Also by the "by-line" in a tale in Frank Leslie's The Young American, I, No. 49, April 3, 1875, and doubtless in all the other numbers in which the story appeared. It there appeared under the tale "Rover and Trader; or, The Secret of Fortune," by Nathan D. Urner, Author of stories by 'Burke Brentford,' 'Poems,' etc." The story was begun in No. 38. In the issue for May 8, 1875, they speak of the author as "Mr. Nathan D. Urner (Burke Brentford), one of our most popular writers," and in announcing his death The Banner Weekly, No. 650, April 27, 1895, said "The pseudonym 'Burke Brentford' was his."

George Waldo Browne (Granite State Magazine, III, February, 1907, 56) said that among the pseudonyms of Col. Arthur L. Meserve were "Burke Brentford," "Captain L. C. Carleton," "L. Augustus Jones." However, Browne was mistaken about Burke Brentford and Captain Carleton at least. I have not investigated "L. Augustus Jones," for he was not a Beadle author.

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