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Bremer, Fredrika.

Fredrika Bremer, a well-known and popular Swedish novelist, was born in Tuoria, near Abo, Finland, August 17, 1801. At the age of four she went to Sweden with her father, a rich merchant and mine owner, and lived there the remainder of her life. She traveled widely, and spent the years 1849 and 1850 in the United States. Her impressions were published in her "Home in the New World," 1853. Most of her early novels deal with Swedish middle-class life. They have been translated into the principal modern languages, many of those in English being the work of Mary Howitt. She died December 31, 1865, in Arsta, in Sodermannland.

REFERENCES: Charlotte Quiding, Lebensschilderung, Briefe und nachgelassene Schriften von Fredrika Bremer, Leipzig, 1869; Richard Petersen, Fredrika Bremer, Kjobenhavn, 1892.

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