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Books Other Than Novels

ALTHOUGH at the present time Beadle is better remembered for his novels than for his other publications, it was with the latter that he began his business and by them was enabled to keep his head above water during the early days. In the following lists, the different groups, such as biographies, songbooks, handbooks, etc., are kept together and are treated as independent series. The numbers given below indicate the order of their appearance in print, and are not Beadle's numbers. (See Table II for sequence.)

Biographical Library
American Six Penny Biographies
Men of the Time
Lives of Great Americans

Family Handbooks
1   Cook Book
2   Recipe Book
9   Dress-Making and Millinery
11 Family Physician
13 Housewife's Manual

Young People's Series
3   Etiquette
4   Letter Writer (sometimes called "Gents' Letter Writer")
5   Book of Dreams
8   Ball Room Companion 12 Book of Verses
19 Fortune Teller
20 Ladies' Letter Writer
21 Lovers' Casket
23 Book of Beauty

Games and Pastimes
6   Swimming
7   Cricket
10 Chess Instructor
14 Croquet
15 Yachting and Rowing
16 Riding and Driving
17 Curling and Skating
18 Pedestrianism
22 Games
24 Winter Sports
25 Summer Sports

Trade Handbooks
Farrier's Guide
Cattle Doctor

Irwin P. Beadle's Song Books
Beadle's Dime Song Books (Songsters)
Patriotic Songs
"American Series" Songsters
One Cent Song Books
Pocket Songster
Frank Starr's Song Books
Half-Dime Singer's Library
School Melodist
Songs of the Olden Times Songs of the Hour


Book of Fun
Joke Books
Base-Ball Player
War Books
Tax Laws
Year Book and Almanac

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