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Bostwick, Mrs. Helen Louise.

Helen Louise Barren, daughter of Dr. Putnam Barron, was born in North Charlestown, New Hampshire, January 5, 1826, and there she attended the public schools. In 1838 her parents removed to a farm near Bucyrus, Ohio, and shortly thereafter she began to contribute poems to various magazines. In 1844, when eighteen years of age, she was married to Edwin Bostwick and lived at Ravenna, Ohio. For the next fifteen years she wrote but little. Her husband died September 9, 1860, leaving her with two young daughters. During the next fifteen years she wrote much, contributing to the Atlantic Monthly, Arthur's Home Magazine, New York Independent, National Era, and Saturday Evening Post. In 1875 she was married to Dr. John F. Bird and removed to Philadelphia, where she remained until her death December 20, 1907. Dr. Bird died January 20, 1904.

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The Home. Vol. IX, Blossom Hill, 1860

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