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Blake, Redmond.

Since practically all of the names of authors which appeared for the first time in the Popular Library were pseudonyms, it is probable that "Redmond Blake" also was a pen name of one of the regular Beadle writers. Who he was has not been definitely determined, although Albert W. Aiken seems to be the best choice among the surviving Beadle authors, for the two "Blake" stories are quite in his style.

†Furthermore, at this time, there was a comedy team, Charles Redmond and Georgie Blake, playing in New York, and since Aiken was deeply interested in the theatre, it is quite likely that he combined the names of these two actors to form the pen name "Redmond Blake."

Popular Library. Nos. 15, 21
Half-Dime Library. Nos. 1091, 1099

† Correction made as per Volume 3.

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