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Bishop, Bertha Thorne.

The only story published by Beadle under the name "Bertha Thorne Bishop" had appeared eight years before in the New York Mercury as by "Septimus R. Urban."(1) The latter name, however, is a name under which some of Malcolm J. Rymer's stories were published. For the novel under the name "Bertha Thorne Bishop" see Rymer.


1 "Blanche; or, The Lost Diamond," New York Mercury, XXIV, No. 1217, May 17, 1862 et seq., by Septimus R. Urban, is the same as 3-15¢ IN and 17-CEPA, both under the title "The Broker's Ward; or, Blanche Ratcliffe's Trials. A Romance of a Lost Diamond," whose author was given as "Bertha Thorne Bishop."

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