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Bibbs, Paul.

†William H. Manning, in a letter written to William J. Benners, June 2, 1918, and now in my possession, wrote: "Paul Bibbs was another writer of the old dime novel days. He lived in Madison, Wisconsin. When a young man he went to Mexico to seek for relics in the ancient cities there, Aztec or what-not, met a girl down there and married her. I don't understand whether he finally returned to his old home, but he was killed in Wisconsin in a railroad accident some 35 years ago. I think he left a brother in Madison."

"The Squaw Spy," Dime Novel No. 598, seemed to indicate that Bibbs was a pseudonym of "Charles Howard" (T. C. Harbaugh), who wrote a novel with that title as Dime Novel No. 361. Actually, however, No. 5981 is a reprint of Bibb's "The Squaw Guide," Starr's American Novels No. 89, with the wrong title page and cover, due to careless editing.

Starr's American Novels. Nos. 40, 48, 78, 82, 89, 100, 121, 127, 132, 136
Dime Novels. Nos. 341, 368, 595, 598(1) 609, 612, 621
Pocket Novels.
Nos. 42, 49, 55, 90,136, 151, 154, 260
Boy's Library
(octavo). Nos. 153, 251, 301
Pocket Library.
No. 367

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


1 This novel bears on the title page and wrapper the words "The Squaw Spy, by Capt. Charles Howard." Apparently owing to similarity of titles, the wrong cut and title were used. The story actually is "The Squaw Guide" by Paul Bibbs, previously published as Starr's American Novels, no.89, and it is, therefore, properly listed here under Bibbs' novels.

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