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Barrington, F. Clinton.

†See Joseph Holt Ingraham

A few of the novels which appeared in the New York Mercury or Ballot's Weekly Novelette in the late 1850's under the name "F. Clinton Barrington," are "Ildaire, the Destroyer," "Conrado de Beltran," "Red Hand; or, The Cruiser of the English Channel," "The Lady Imogene," "BelIsabel," 'Fitz-Hern; or, The Rover of the Irish Seas," "Captain Belt; or, The Buccaneers of the Gulf," etc.

†The last of these stories was begun in Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, I, September 13, 1851, 306, as "Conrado de Beltran: or, The Buccaneers of the Gulf. A Romantic Story of the Sea and the Shore." This was later published by Gleason's successor as one of Ballou's Novelettes, in 1858 or 1859, under the title "Captain Belt; or, The Buccaneers of the Gulf" and with the same by-line, namely, F. Clinton Barrington. Recently Mr. Ralph Adimari, in a letter to me of November 12, 1952, mentioned finding in Ballou's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, XVI, 1859, 408, column 4, the following announcement: "Captain Belt; or, The Buccaneers of the Gulf . . . is the best novelette Professor Ingraham ever produced, and was written expressly for this establishment." Since this appeared in print while Ingraham was still living and by the successor to the original publisher, it must be accepted as the truth, and Barrington's name must be added to the list of Joseph Holt Ingraham's pen names. All the stories with this by-line or the by-line A. G. Piper, consequently, must be transferred to J. H. Ingraham's list. Haynes's and Cushing's statements that Barrington was a pen name of Julius Warren Lewis must be considered erroneous, and the Barrington stories and the Piper reprint must be transferred to J. H. Ingraham's list.

†See also under J. H. Ingraham and A. G. Piper.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.

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