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Baker, Henry.

"H. Rebak" is an anagram of H. Baker, which was apparently the real name of the author. In a scrapbook of undated clippings from the Manchester City News, 1916-1917, entitled "Peeps into the Past," now in the New York Public Library, are many letters from correspondents, one of whom, named Gilbertson, says: " 'The Young Cavalier' was written by Henry Baker ('H. Rebak') who also contributed 'The Young Rebels: A Tale of Sedgmoor,' and wrote for Bozu Bells and the Boys' Herald." Among his other books are "Tracked," "Doomed," "Bertha," etc.

Beadle reprinted a single novel with the author's name given as "H. Rebak."

Fireside Library. No. 122

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