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Beadle & Adams' Twenty Cent Novels

ON THE 30th of July, 1875, there was offered for sale the first of a new series of novels entitled, Beadle & Adams' Twenty Cent Novels. With more pages than the other small booklets, they were intended to contain stories that were too long to be printed in normal numbers of the Dime Novels. The books vary slightly in size, but are approximately 6 3/4 by 4 3/8 inches, with trimmed edges and stabbed binding. They contain from 140 to 200 pages, in some cases single column and in others double. All of the stories are reprints from the Saturday Journal or of the double numbers of the Dime Novels.

The wrappers are of white paper, blank inside, but contain an advertisement of other numbers of the series on the back. The front cover carries a colored illustration (Fig. 56) occupying most of the space. The title of the series is in small bold face type above, and the title of the story below the picture. At the very bottom are the words Beadle and Adams, 98 William Street, New York. There is no frontispiece or other illustration.

Only thirty-two numbers were issued, the last one appearing December 5, 1877, the usual interval of publication having been one month.

Fig 56. Beadle & Adams' 20 Cent Novels.

Fig 56. Beadle & Adams' 20 Cent Novels
Thirty-two numbers were issued between 1875 and 1877.

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