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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Regional History Center: 8 am to 4:30 pm
Closed noon to 1 pm
Saturday & Sunday - Closed
IRAD: M-F, 10 am to 12 pm & 1 to 3 pm

Regional History Center and University Archives

Fountain in front of McMurry Hall, 1946 Gibson Women SuffrageBasketball, Women, 1904Football, Men, 1899 Aerial View ca. 1926 Altgeld Hall, 1913 Happy Days poster from Starline DeKalb Centennial Brothers of the Brush Contest Poster, 1956 Winnebago County Dairy Princess, 1965 Haish's “S“ Barb Steel Fence Wire Dekalb Dairy Company July 25, 1941 Lyman H Needham died at Andersonville Prison Stevenson Towers Construction circa 1966 Snowstorm in DeKalb February 18, 1936 Ladies working in Westclox factory Student Art Class at Lagoon Homecoming King and Queen 1952 Extension class at Joliet State Prison Chicago and North Western train 4004 November 1942 Crop Dusting Airplane 1945

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About the Regional History Center

Welcome to the Regional History Center, a unique component of NIU’s commitment to education, research, and public service. The Center’s mission is to acquire, preserve, and make available to the public the most significant historical records of the northern Illinois region. We actively collect from the eighteen northern counties of Illinois excluding Cook County. Since 1977 the Center has grown into a multifaceted research center which houses three related sets of historical records: University Archives, Regional Collections, and Local Government Records (Illinois Regional Archives Depository). The Regional History Center is always adding manuscripts to the collections. Please feel free to contact the center if you believe you have documents that should be preserved for future generations.

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