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Thursday, May 25, 2017
Regional History Center: 8 am to 4:30 pm
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February 14, 2008 Memorial Project

February 27, 2008

Dear Northern Illinois University Community:

The Regional History Center/University Archives at NIU has the mission of preserving and documenting the history of the university, including those as incomprehensive as the tragic event that occurred on campus on Thursday, February 14th. Although we already have been working with various departments on campus, we need to expand our outreach by asking for your assistance in fulfilling this mission.

With heavy hearts we ask that you share any documentation of the tragedy of Thursday, February 14th. No item is too small to be included in the archives, i.e. emails, correspondence, poems, official documents, class projects, photographs, videotape. We also ask that you share this information, making your students and other members of the NIU community aware of our mission and our request for documentation of our community's catastrophe. We hope that our efforts to document this tragedy will help in the healing of our NIU community.

Please contact us at the Regional History Center/University Archives located in Room 400 of Founders Memorial Library. We can be reached at 815-753-1779 during office hours of Monday through Friday from 8am-noon and 1pm-4:30pm. With our sincere graditude,

Cindy Ditzler, Interim Director

Joan Metzger, Assistant University Archives

Forward together forward