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The Jack McDevitt Papers

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In January 2006, Jack McDevitt, transferred a portion of his papers to Northern Illinois University. Property rights in the collection were transferred to Northern Illinois University Libraries. Literary rights are retained by Mr. McDevitt; any copyrights so stated in the materials will continue in force. Reproduction from this collection is provided at the discretion of Mr. McDevitt. Additional materials may be added to the collection at Mr. McDevitt's discretion. The materials in this collection are available for research to qualified scholars as determined by the Northern Illinois University Libraries without restrictions.

Linear feet of shelf space: 5
Number of containers: 10

Scope and Content:

The Jack McDevitt Papers consists of printed (paper-based) and electronic manuscripts for plays, short stories, and novels by Jack McDevitt, along with a small amount of correspondence related to those materials. The collection is divided into series based upon format. Series I consists of plays; Series II consists of Short Stories, and Series III consists of novels. Series IV contains general correspondence, and Series V includes published materials about McDevitt. Correspondence related to the physical manuscripts of particular stories, novels, and plays is located with those materials. All materials are organized within their series based upon original date of publication. Dates of publication and reprinting are generally taken from the bibliography provided by the author on his webpage, http://www.sfwa.org/members/McDevitt/ .

Biographical Sketch:

Jack McDevitt, a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and a multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards nominee, has been publishing science fiction short stories and novels since 1980. His novels often deal with attempts to make contact with alien life forms, and archaeology. McDevitt has served in the Navy, in addition to working as a cab driver, an English teacher, and a customs inspector.


(accessed 7/11/2006)

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