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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Founders' Building Hours: 8 am - 10 pm
Rare Books and Special Collections:
8 am to 4:30 pm Closed noon to 1 pm and By Appointment

Rare Books & Special Collections

The Rare Books & Special Collections Department of the Northern Illinois University Libraries includes those materials that, because of subject coverage, rarity, source, condition, or form, are best handled separately from the General Collection.* Materials in RBSC do not circulate outside of our department.

We believe that although these materials are kept in a controlled environment for preservation reasons, they should indeed be handled and used--through classroom instruction, tours, exhibitions, research, and other instructional opportunities. We believe that primary materials are an integral part of the educational experience, provide students, faculty, and individual users at all levels in nearly all subject areas with interaction with "the real thing" right here on campus. We are also the home for the Friends of the NIU Libraries.


Lynne M. Thomas
Curator, Rare Books and Special Collections
(815) 753-0255

Download Lynne's SAA2009 paper on Donor Collections 2.0 ( PDF)

Order a copy of Special Collections 2.0

Angie Schroeder
Senior Library Specialist
Founders Memorial Library 402
(815) 753-8091

Annie Oelschlager
Archives Processor
Founders Memorial Library 400
Telephone Number: 815-753-9394

*This statement taken originally from University of Idaho Special Collections--they just said it best!