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Mary H. Munroe is Associate Dean for Collections and Technical Services and Associate Professor at Northern Illinois University Libraries. She is also an adjunct Associate Professor of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science teaching collection development. She began her career as a business subject specialist and has been a collection development librarian for 15 years. Her research focuses on mergers and acquisitions in companies of interest to librarians and on assessment in academic libraries. Mary Munroe can be reached at or (815) 753-9805. A selected bibliography of her articles on collection development follows:

Articles And Chapters

•  The Decision-Making Process in Conspectus Evaluation of Collections : The Quest for Certainty,” with Jennie VerSteeg, accepted for publication in The Library Quarterly , April, 2004.

•  "The More Things Change, the More They Are the Same," Technicalities 21/4(July/August, 2001), pp. 1, 18-20.

•  “Which Way is Up? The Publishing Industry Merges Its Way Into the Twenty-First Century,” Library Administration and Management v.14 no 2(Spring 2000), pp. 70-78.

•  “Gifts in Policy and Practice,” with Rebecca C. Drummond, Pauline V. Hollmann, and Joan M. Stephens, Acquisitions Librarian , no.22 (Fall, 1999), pp 33-50.

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•  “Who's on First? The CD-ROM Industry Merges Its Way Into the Nineties,” CD-ROM Professional 6(5) (September, 1993), pp. 132-136.