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Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Assigned Lockers

The University Libraries makes available lockers for use by graduate students and CPA review students. Assignment of a locker is a privilege requiring careful adherence to library rules and policies. Graduate students assigned lockers in the library must meet or comply with the following:


Graduate students must be fulltime graduate students (9+ hours).

Assignment and Renewal

1. Locker assignments are made by the Facilities Manager of University Libraries.
2. Locker assignments must be renewed before the end of the spring semester if you wish to keep your locker for the following semesters.
3. Lockers may be evacuated at any time by providing notice to the Facilities Manager of University Libraries.
4. Students graduating at the end of fall or summer semesters must notify the Facilities Manager of University Libraries of their graduation date.


The library reserves the right to periodically inspect lockers to ensure compliance with the following rules:
1. No substances prohibited by University policy may be stored in lockers.
2. All library materials (circulating books, periodicals and reference books) stored in a locker must be properly charged out to you. Items that are noncirculating (for use in the library only) are not permitted to be stored in lockers. Uncharged items found in your locker will be removed and a note left identifying the items involved.
3. No food or beverages may be stored in lockers. Any food or beverages found in lockers will be removed.

Violators of the rules stated in this policy are subject to the following:

  • 1st offense: written warning.
  • 2nd offense: written up for violation.
  • 3rd offense: suspension of locker privileges for remainder of the current semester and next two following semesters.