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Monday, February 08, 2016
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Founders Memorial Library Exhibits - January 2016

"Women in Dime Novels"

The current exhibit presents dime novels by, for, and about women. This includes novels by authors like Ann S. Stephens, Metta Victor, and Mary A. Denison, as well as series aimed specifically at a woman audience, such as Waverley Library. Also featured are examples of transgressive women in mainstream series, like Nick Carter Weekly and Deadwood Dick Library, starring women as detectives, cowboys, and criminals. Many of the dime novels in this exhibit are available online to be read and downloaded through NIU’s digital dime novel collection, Nickels and Dimes (http://dimenovels.lib.niu.edu).

Contact persons: Matthew Short, (815) 753-9868

Rare Books and Special Collections exhibit- 4th floor
"Abolish Slop-pails: medical history, lore, and oddities"
An exhibit on medical history, the exhibit consists of medical related items found in Rare Books and Special Collections.

Contact: Annie Oelschlager, (815) 753-9838.

Southeast Asia Collection exhibits- 4th floor
"International Education"
This year to commemorate International Education Week the SEA collection has put together an exhibit that features books about education in Southeast Asia, various dictionaries and language learning books, and information about study abroad programs in Southeast Asia. The exhibit also showcases the work and research of NIU students, as well as books written and edited by Southeast Asian Studies Faculty. This exhibit will be up through January.

Contact: Joanna Kulma, 815-753-1819.