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Monday, October 05, 2015
Founders' Building Hours: 7:30 am - midnight
Founders' Reference Desk: 9 am - 9 pm
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Founders Memorial Library Exhibits - July-August 2015


"Explorers and Exploration"

This exhibit follow the exploration time line published in the June 2013 National Geographic Magazine. Books have been pulled from the library's collection that highlight the events listed in the time line. For examples books on the voyages of Columbus, Vasco Da Gama, and Lewis and Clark to name a few.

Contact persons: Meredith Ayers, (815) 753-1872

Rare Books and Special Collections exhibit- 4th floor
"Something Old, Something New: Recent Acquisitions"
See new purchases and donations from the past year in Rare Books and Special Collections.

Contact: Angela Schroeder, (815) 753-8091.

Southeast Asia Collection exhibits- 4th floor
"Fauna and Flora of Southeast Asia"
This summer the Southeast Asia collection is displaying materials on the plants and animals of Southeast Asia. Books and photos take you on a journey through the air, water and land of Southeast Asia, showcasing some of the most beautiful and colorful wildlife on the planet.

Contact: Joanna Kulma, 815-753-1819.