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Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Founders Memorial Library Exhibits - January/February 2015

"African American Experiences During Wartime"

The exhibit features materials that highlight the African American experience in the Vietnam War, as well as on the home-front. The Vietnam War was the first to be fought with and integrated US military. African Americans fought side by side with white soldiers, however things were very different on the home-front where the Civil Rights movement was happening. Included in the exhibit are photos of anti-war and civil rights protests, books about war and home-front experiences, as well as a brochure and movie about Martin Luther King.

Contact persons: Hao Phan, (815) 793-4881 and Stacey Erdman, (815) 753-1004

Rare Books and Special Collections exhibit- 4th floor
"Murder, Mayhem and Mystery"

Murder, Mayhem and Mystery is an exhibit of books found in the Rare Books and Special Collections Department. It includes many eras of popular mystery book series, from the modern Agatha Christi books to the classic Sherlock Holmes.
Contact: Angela Schroeder, (815) 753-8091.

Southeast Asia Collection exhibits- 4th floor
"Ancestry Transcending the Oceans: An Exhibition of Madagascar & its Cultural Ties to Southeast Asia"
An exhibit curated by Anthonie Tumpag an M.A student of Anthropology. The exhibit features cultural items he acquired during a summer 2014 study abroad program. The exhibit aims to showcase the "similarities between the Malagasy of Madagascar and various maritime peoples of Southeast Asia."

Contact: Joanna Kulma, 815-753-1819.