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Tuesday, May 05, 2015
Founders' Building Hours: 7:30 am - midnight
Founders' Reference Desk: 9 am - 9 pm
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Founders Memorial Library Exhibits - April 2015

"Celebrate National Library Week"

The display highlights the unlimited possibilities for personal growth and lifelong learning that the resources of libraries represent. Academic libraries are essential aspects of college and university education, teaching students to determine their information needs and identify, locate, retrieve and evaluate resources to provide high quality information for their research as students and in preparation for their careers.
Contact persons: Hao Phan, (815) 793-4881 and Stacey Erdman, (815) 753-1004

Rare Books and Special Collections exhibit- 4th floor
"Murder, Mayhem and Mystery"

Murder, Mayhem and Mystery is an exhibit of books found in the Rare Books and Special Collections Department. It includes many eras of popular mystery book series, from the modern Agatha Christi books to the classic Sherlock Holmes.
Contact: Angela Schroeder, (815) 753-8091.

Southeast Asia Collection exhibits- 4th floor
"Sounds of Austronesia"

This month the Southeast Asia Collection is showcasing musical instruments and artifacts from Austronesia, a region which encompasses much of maritime Southeast Asia (Malaysia, East Timor, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brunei) as well as Madagascar and Oceania. The exhibit features various examples of boat lutes, zithers and nose flutes along with books and CDs. Also featured are textiles, jewelry, sculptures and other artifacts from the region. The exhibit was curated by Anthonie Tumpag, an M.A candidate in anthropology. All of the exhibited items come from his private collection.
Contact: Joanna Kulma, 815-753-1819.