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Wheeler, Captain.

† Under the name Captain Wheeler, U.S.A., the New York Ledger(1) announced a story, "The Web of Fate," and said of the author, "He is a popular officer of the army who has been in active service since the commencement of the rebellion." †"Captain Wheeler," "Captain Wheeler, U.S.A.", and William T. Wheeler were pseudonyms of "Leon" Lewis. Ralph Adimari (letter, December 2, 1954) wrote me that in the New York Public Library there are a number of receipts from Leon Lewis to Robert Bonner acknowledging payment for stories written for the New York Ledger. In some cases the receipts are signed "Illion Constellano" or "William T. Wheeler" or "Leon Lewis." Where signed by a pen name, some have Bonner's comment on the back in pencil: "Leon Lewis."

† The receipts thus definitely tie the names Captain Wheeler, William T. Wheeler, and Illion Constellano to Lewis. For example, the receipt for payment for "The Web of Fate," by "Captain Wheeler, U.S.A." was signed by Lewis as "Wm. T. Wheeler," March 6, 1862. The first installment of this story appeared in the Ledger, April 26, 1862. Payment for "The Reef Spider," which has as its by-line "Illion Constellano" (apparently the first use of this pen name), was acknowledged June 24, 1862, in a receipt signed W. T. Wheeler. The first installment of the story appeared in the Ledger, August 9, 1862. Receipt for payment for "The Turtle Hunter," with the by-line "W. T. Wheeler," was signed by W. T. Wheeler, July 16, 1862. Payment for "The Diamond Seeker," by Illion Constellano, which appeared in the Ledger October 1, 1864, was acknowledged by a receipt signed "Luis I. C. Constellano," but it was marked on the back by Bonner "Nov. 11, 1862, Leon Lewis." And so on.

† The by-line of "The Wagon Train" is "Illion Constellano, author of 'The Reef Spider,' 'The Turtle Hunter,' etc., etc.," again tying together the names Illion Constellano and W. T. Wheeler.

† For the one story published by Beadle with the by-line "Captain Wheeler," see under LEON LEWIS.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


1 New York Ledger, XVIII, April 19, 1862. The story began April 26.

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