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The Youth's Casket



Vol. I. January to December, 1852. The magazine was entitled The Youth's Casket, an Illustrated Magazine for Children. Beadle & Vanduzee were publishers and Harley Thome, editor. The magazine was entered for copyright in 1852 in the northern district of New York. Beadle & Brother were the stereotypers and Phinney & Co. the printers. There were 192 double-column pages, the preliminary vi pages being included in the count. The first number, January, 1852, begins on page 7. There are 76 illustrations, some of them full page. Contents, prose and poetry for small children.


Vol. II. January to December, 1853. The title page of the volume is the same as that in Volume I except that James O. Brayman is now given as the editor and E. F. Beadle as publisher. Actually, from January to March, Beadle & Vanduzee were still publishers, and from April to November, Beadle & Brother. The volume contains 288 pages, including vi preliminary pages, and 71 illustrations, some of them full page, drawn by Vanduzee and Coffin.


Vol. III. January to December, 1854. Brayman was still editor and E. F. Beadle, publisher. There are 290 pages with many illustrations.


Vol. IV. January to December, 1855. The title was changed to The Youth's Casket: an Illustrated Magazine for the Young. It was edited by Mrs. H. E. G. Arey and published by E. F. Beadle, 199 Main Street, Buffalo. J. & C. E. Felton were the stereotypers, and Thomas & Lathrops, printers. There are 288 pages plus one of index, and numerous full page and smaller illustrations.


Vol. V. January to December, 1856. Same title as preceding volume except that now the firm name appears as Beadle & Adams. Mrs. Arey continued as editor. 288 pages and numerous illustrations.


Vol. VI. January to December, 1857. Title page, editor, and publisher as in preceding volume. 288 pages and numerous illustrations. On page 287 the editor said: "Farewell," because the magazine was to be discontinued on account of The Home demanding more time. There were notices in both the November and December numbers that the Youth's Casket would thereafter be combined with Forrester's Magazine of Boston.


The Youth's Casket

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