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Thomas Moore. Lalla Rookh; An Oriental Romance. (July ?), 1877. Originally published in 1817.

Lalla Rookh, daughter of the emperor of Delhi, is entertained on her journey to Cashmere by various tales, including that of the Veiled Prophet, told by Feramorz, a young Persian poet. She falls in love with him, although betrothed to the sultan of Lesser Bucharia, and is delighted when she discovers that the poet is himself the sultan.


Lord Byron. Don Juan. August —, 1877.

Originally appeared at intervals between 1819 and 1824.

The amorous adventures of Don Juan of Seville. When sixteen years of age he got into trouble with Donna Julia and was sent by his mother on his travels. His subsequent adventures were numerous. The poem is full of humor and beautifully written.


John Milton. Paradise Lost. August —, 1877.

First published in 1667.

The story of the expulsion of Satan from Heaven, and of Eve's temptation and the fall of man.


Sir Walter Scott. The Lady of the Lake. August —, 1877.

First published in 1810.

The story of Ellen Douglas, who, when her father fell into disgrace with King James, retired with him to Loch Katrine.


"Owen Meredith" (Earl of Lytton). Lucile. September —, 1877.

First published in 1860.

A romantic novel in verse.



Friedrich de la Motte Fouque. Undine; or, The Water-Spirit. October —, 1877.

Translated from the German. Originally published in 1811.

Undine, a water spirit, was substituted for the child of a fisherman. Later she was married to Sir Huldbrand and thus received a soul. When her husband, sailing with her on the Danube, rebuked her, her sister nymphs took her away with them to their home beneath the waves. Sir Huldbrand afterwards married Bertalda, the fisherman's real child, but on their wedding night Undine arose from the water, kissed him, and he died.

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