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Anonymous Novels and Handbooks

I do beseech you . . .
What is your name?
The Tempest, Act III, scene 1

American Tales:

71. The Red Trail, 1870 (By the author of "Ocean Queen")(1)

Belles and Beaux:

1. Kate Darling, 1874

Dime Biographical Library:

13. Life or Parson Brownlow, 1862

Dime Library:

924. Tom Tunnel, 1896

Girls of Today:

1. Kate Darling, 1875
7. Weak or Wicked? 1876

Half-Dime Library:

14. Aladdin, 1877
18. Sinbad, the Sailor, 1877


Ball Room Guide
Book of Verses
Fortune Teller
Ladies' Letter Writer
Riding and Driving
100 Games

Irwin's American Novels:

10. Within the Lines, 1866
15. Germantown, 1866 (By the author of "Child of Song")
29. Inez, 1867

Irwin's Six Penny Tales:

2. The Log Fort, 1867

Saturday Journal:

212. Nydia, 1874
230. The Moor Captives, 1874


1 Half-Dime Library, No. 909, has for its by-line " T. J. Flanagan, Author of "The Cruise of the Ocean Queen'." Possibly Flanagan, whoever he may have been, was the author of "The Red Trail."

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