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Part III

of the Various Series of
Beadle's Novels

With Brief Synopses of Most of the Novels, Given
Under the First Appearance of Each

† Beedle Dime usted to sell a dime novel for $.10 cents which was pretty cheep for a dime novel i tell you. they was bully stories about filing indians and killing bears and wolfs and cutting a notch in your gun when you had killed a nother indian, a feller can read one of them all day and sumbody is killed on every page and it is terrible xciting. Beedle dime died very ritch and they dont sell enny of his novels now. it is too bad for they was the best I have ever seen."—Richard E. Shute, Success Magazine, November, 1907, 741.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.

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