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Books of the Civil War



Victor Hugo's Letter on John Brown with Mrs. Ann S. Stephens' Reply. Irwin P. Beadle & Co., 137 William Street.

Deposited for copyright January 10, 1860, and must have been put on the market at about the same time. Mrs. Stephens' letter is dated December, 1859. The booklet is approximately the size of the Dime Novels, has buff wrappers, and contains 24 pages. My impression is that another edition was published in London.


Beadle's Dime Drill Book for Squad and Company. Simplified from Hardee and Scott. The title page reads "for the School and Company."(1) Beadle & Co., 141 William Street, Publishers.

The booklet is 6 ¼ by 4 ¼ inches in size, has buff wrappers printed in blue and red, and has a picture of a zouave and a cut of the reverse of a dime (Fig. 142). It has 80 pages and two illustrations. Advertised May 11, 1861.(2)


The Military Hand-Book and Soldiers' Manual of Information. This booklet contains also a "Complete Dictionary of over One Thousand Military Terms." Beadle & Co., 141 William Street. Price 25 cents.

It was issued June 10, 1861.(3) No copy has been seen. Apparently a later edition was issued, for it was again advertised as "Ready this Morning," on August 30, 1862.



(Orville J. Victor). The American Rebellion. Some Facts and Reflections for the Consideration of the English People, by an American Citizen. (The copy in the Library of Congress is inscribed "Presented to the Library of Congress by the author, Orville J. Victor.") Beadle & Co., 44 Paternoster Row, London. Apparently no American edition was issued. Ruff wrapper, copyrighted 1861, 48 pages, size 7 ¼ by 5 inches.


George T. May. A Suggestion towards a Navy. Beadle & Co., 141 William Street.

On sale January 16, 1862.(4) No copy seen.


Pittsburgh Landing (Shiloh) and the Investment of Corinth. Beadle & Co., 141 William Street.

Copyright filed August 4, 1862, but the book had been on sale for some time, and had been advertised in June.(5) The wrappers are orange, without an illustration, but the front cover carries a fancy design. It has 96 pages and is 6 ¼ by 4 ¼ inches in size.


The Soldiers' Directory to Pensions and Bounties. Beadle & Co., 118 William Street.

No copy seen. Advertised October 25, 1862.(6)

Report of Lieut.-Gen. Ulyssus [sic] S. Grant, of the Operations of the Union Army from March, 1862, to the Close of the Rebellion. Official Copy — Complete. Beadle & Co., 118 William Street.

This is the wording on the wrapper; on the title page the name Ulysses is correctly spelled. The booklet has orange wrappers, is 6 ¼ by 4 ¼ inches in size, and has no illustration on the cover (Fig. 143). The heading in small type is simply Beadle's Dime Series, Citizen's Edition. It has 87 plus one blank page, and four pages of advertisements. The first page of the text, however, is numbered 7. The booklet was put on sale December 18, 1865.(7) The fifth edition was ready January 17, 1866.(8) Another edition has slightly different wrappers and advertisements.


Story of the Grand March! Major-General Sherman's Reports. I. Campaign against Atlanta. II. Campaign against Savannah. III. Campaign through the Carolinas. IV. Johnston's Truce and Surrender. V. Story of the March through Georgia. Official Copy — Complete. Beadle & Co., 118 William Street.

Orange wrappers, same size and style as the preceding. 84 pages, beginning with page 7. Issued January 25, 1866. (9)


Sheridan's Shenandoah Campaign and the Great Raid around Richmond. Beadle & Co., 118 William Street.

Announced in the preceding booklet as "In preparation." No copy has been seen, nor has the copyright notice or newspaper advertisement been found. It may not have been issued.


Lewis Whitehead, Sr. The New House that Jack Built. Beadle & Co., Publishers, 118 William Street.

Printed on sized and calendered paper, with 11 original illustrations by H. L. Stevens and G. G. White. The date when it was deposited for copyright was not found, but the year given on the verso of the title page is 1865. It must have appeared early in that year, for it was advertised in Dime Novel No. 79, which appeared April 15, 1865. It was also advertised in the New York Tribune, in a list of miscellaneous publications, September 9, 1865. The booklet is 6 3/8 by 4 1/8 inches in size, has orange wrappers with a black line woodcut on the front cover (Fig. 144), and has 29 pages plus three that are blank. The printer's name is given as Alvord.

This version of "The House that Jack Built" is a patriotic parable in which the bags of malt are free speech, free labor, free press, free schools, etc.; the rat is slavery, the cat is vigilance, the dog is secession, etc., etc.

A Tenement House on a National Plan,
So Jack had designed, ere the House he began;
And so deep and so wide did he lay the foundation,
That it took half the continent for its location.
No matter; the larger the better, thought Jack,
For millions of Freemen will soon find the track.

Free speech and a free press, by which this country is now supposed to be so peculiarly distinguished, were thus given to the enlightened freemen, whose votes, of course, could not be obtained by the generous handing out of political plums, which at that time was held to be bribery and corruption.


Books of the Civil War


1 Advertised as "Dime Drill Book: or, School for the Soldier."
2 New York Tribune. On May 2 it was announced as "In Press," and on May 11 it was listed among books already out.
3 New York Tribune, "Out this morning."
4 New York Tribune, "Now ready."

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