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Family Handbook

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Mrs. Metta V. Victor. Dime Cook-Book; or, Housewife's Pocket Companion. Embodying what is Most Economic, Most Practical, Most Excellent. Size 5 7/8 by 3 ¾ inches, buff wrappers, 100 pages.

The exact date of publication is unknown, but, as mentioned above, it apparently antedates the Recipe Book which was copyrighted July 14, 1859. Irwin P. Beadle, Publisher, 137 William Street, New York. Both this and the Recipe Book were advertised with other Beadle books as already out September 28, 1859. There is no illustration on the front cover except the cut of a dime in the title of the series (Type I-Handbooks).

Later editions occur in the usual orange wrappers, 6 3/8 by 4 1/8 inches in size, and were copyrighted December 19, 1862.


Mrs. Metta V. Victor. Dime Recipe Book. A Directory for the Parlor, Nursery, Sick Room, Toilet, Kitchen, Larder, etc.

The first edition has buff wrappers the same size as the preceding, and 100 pages (Type I-Handbooks). It was deposited for copyright July 14, 1859. Irwin P. Beadle was the publisher and his address was given as 137 William Street, New York, and † 227 Main Street, Buffalo.

† Another copy of the Recipe Book, with the copyright date 1859, with buff wrappers and of the same size as the preceding, has only 72 pages plus at least 4 pages of advertisements (the back wrapper and possibly some pages of advertisements are missing).

A revised edition of the same size and with buff wrappers was issued by Irwin P. Beadle & Co. and was copyrighted December 19, 1862. It has 72 pages and 10 pages of advertisements. A still later edition was copyrighted December 19, 1862, and another April 27, 1864, by Beadle & Co.


Marian M. Pullan. Dime Guide to Dress-Making and Millinery.

This booklet was originally of small size (Type I-Handbooks) and was enclosed in buff wrappers. It has 77 printed plus 3 blank pages. Beadle & Co., publishers, 141 William Street. It was entered for copyright November 22, 1860.

A later edition in orange wrappers was issued in the usual larger size. It has no illustration on the front page except the cut of the reverse of a dime in the title of the series (Type II-Handbooks).


Drs. Warren, Donna, Parker and others. Dime Family Physician and Manual for the Sick-Room. With Family Diseases and their Treatment, Hints on Nursing and Rearing, Children's Complaints, Physiological Facts, Rules of Health, Recipes for Preparing Well-known Curatives, etc., etc.

Same size as the preceding (Type 1-Handbooks), buff wrappers, and 79 pages. The copyright date is 1860. In the New York Tribune for February 23, 1861, it was announced as "Ready this morning," but the copyright was not recorded until April 25. Beadle & Co., publishers, 141 William Street.


Mrs. Metta V. Victor. The Housewife's Manual; or, How to Keep House and Order a Home; How to Dye, Cleanse and Renovate; How to Cut, Fit and Make Garments; How to Cultivate Plants and Flowers; How to Care for Birds and Household Pets; etc., etc.

Ninety-seven pages plus one blank and two of advertisements. Never issued in the small size, for Beadle adopted the size of the dime novels as standard for all publications after No. 12 had been issued and shortly after he removed to 118 William Street in 1863. Yellow wrappers (Type IV-Handbooks) with a cut of a dime in the title and an engraving of two young women domestically employed. The first issue appeared February 21, 1865. Beadle & Co., Publishers, 118 William Street.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.

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Family Handbook

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