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John Emerald. The Crested Serpent; or, The White Tiger of the Tropics. January 27, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 300; New Dime Novels, no. 426.

Mexico during the reign of Maximilian.


Joseph E. Badger. Mustang Sam; or, The Mad Rider of the Plains. A Romance of Apache Land. February 10, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 301; Half-Dime Library, no. 119; Pocket Novels, no. 184; Pocket Library, no. 91.

Gold seekers in the Sierra de Chuska, New Mexico-Arizona.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Cuban Conspirators; or, The Island League. A Romance of Cuba and Cuban Waters. February 24, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 302; New Dime Novels, no. 437.

The cover reads "Conspirator," but above Chapter I it is "Conspirators."

An account of one of the many unsuccessful revolutions by Cubans against the Spanish rulers.


Frederick Whittaker. The Corsair Prince. A Story of the War with Tripoli. March 10, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 303; New Dime Novels, no. 428.

Capture of the American merchantman "Martha Washington" by Barbary Coast pirates, and the wrecking of the U. S. frigate "Portland" on the reefs off Tripoli. An American expedition against the pirates. Old Ironsides on her first cruise.


Edward Willett. The Texan Avengers; or, The Border Vendetta. March 24, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 304; Pocket Novels, no. 111; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 170; Pocket Library, no. 468.

Two brothers set out from Kentucky to Texas, to track down their father's murderer. Not hearing from them, their youngest brother follows them to Texas—quite in the style of the old fairy tales. The murderer is found to be the head of a gang of horse and cattle thieves who are aided by a band of Kiowa Indians. The two brothers are found and the outlaws are overtaken by rangers. At first they are too strong for the settlers, but the Kiowas, learning that they have been cheated of their share of the plunder, turn against their former associates.


William J. Hamilton. The Girl Scout; or, The Island League. April 7, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 305; Pocket Novels, no. 112.

Note that the sub-title of this novel is the same as that of No. 302, a bad oversight on the part of the editor.

Northern Minnesota and the Lake Superior region in the middle of the nineteenth century. An outlaw band, finding that their hide-out has in it a rich silver vein, hastens to the land office to file a claim. They find that a short time previously it had already been recorded by a young man from the East. A series of criminal acts follow, a vigilance committee is formed, and Judge Lynch gets in his work.


Joseph E. Badger. Caribou Zip; or, The Forest Brothers. A Tale of the Fall of Michilimackinack. April 21, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 306; New Dime Novels, no. 439.

Great Pontiac War in 1763. An Indian tale, with scouts, etc., and Joseph Brant.


Frederick Whittaker. The Death's-Head Rangers. A Tale of the Lone Star State. May 5,1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 307; New Dime Novels, no. 416.

Kentuckians in the Texan war of 1836.


"Bruin" Adams. Glass Eye, the Great Shot of the West. May 19, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 308; Half-Dime Library, nos. 46, 1157; Pocket Novels, no. 196; Pocket Library, no. 27.

A story of a young woman, the daughter of the leader of a company of prospective settlers emigrating from St. Louis to form a colony in upper California. She gets separated from the wagon train, is pursued by an Indian, and is rescued by Glass Eye. They have thrilling adventures before they regain the emigrant wagons.


William J. Hamilton. Mountain Ned; or. The Flying Scout. June 2, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 309; New Dime Novels, no. 421.

An Indian tale of New Mexico. An early parachutist-bomber. The story is made interesting by a Yankee Munchausen.


Oll Coomes. Foghorn Phil, the King of the Border; or, The Secret Foe. June 16, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 310; New Dime Novels, no. 474; Half-Dime Library, no. 58; Pocket Library, no. 42.

Powder River and the Big Horn country. Indians, traders, hunters, bad men, etc., in 1870.


Joseph E. Badger. Sonora Ben; or, The Mountain of Gold. A Romance of the Desert Wilds. June 30, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 311; New Dime Novels, no. 422.

Friction between Mexicans and Americans. A tale of a gold hunting expedition into the Apache country of New Mexico and Arizona in 1844. Their terrible sufferings from hunger and from Indian raids are related. Some of the party return safely, but the remainder is exterminated by the Indians.


Frederick Whittaker. Dick Darling, the Pony Expressman. A Tale of the Old Salt Lake Trail. July 14, 1874.

Found in: Saturday Journal/Star Journal (various title changes), no. 190; Dime Novels, no. 312; Half-Dime Library, nos. 43, 1112; Pocket Novels, no. 221; Pocket Library, no. 29.

Along the Salt Lake trail, about the year 1855. A tale of Blackfeet Indians, the pony express riders, etc.


William J. Hamilton. The Red Brotherhood; or, The Twelve Avengers. July 28, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 313; Half-Dime Library, nos. 63, 1134; Pocket Novels, no. 194; Pocket Library, no. 47.

San Francisco and elsewhere in California. Twelve men compose a secret brotherhood, sworn to avenge a murder.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Rival Lieutenants; or, The Twin Cruisers. A Tale of the Second War with Great Britain. August 11, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 314; Half-Dime Library, nos. 62, 1165; Pocket Novels, no. 203; Pocket Library, no. 46.

Maine, New Jersey, and the sea in 1812.


Charles Howard. Tiger-Heart, the Tracker; or, The Trapper of the Twin Cascades. A Romance of Indiana in 1811. August 25, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 315; Pocket Novels, no. 113.

A tale of the campaign of General Harrison against the Indians in the Wabash country of Indiana, embracing events that led to the battle of Tippecanoe. Elskatawa, the Prophet, the brother of Tecumseh, takes a leading part.


Joseph E. Badger. Hurricane Bill; or, Mustang Sam and his "Pard." A Romance of the "Evil Land." September 8, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 316; Half-Dime Library, nos. 65, 1136; Pocket Novels, no. 185; Pocket Library, no. 49.

Some gringos at a fiesta show the Mexicans what is what in horsemanship and similar sports. During the festivities there is an alarm of an Indian raid. The savages are thrown back in confusion and are driven off, but in their retreat they carry off the daughter of a Mexican hidalgo. Mustang Sam rescues her.


George Gleason. Tippy, the Texan; or, The Young Champion. A Story of the Siege of Monterey. September 22, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 317; New Dime Novels, no. 469; Half-Dime Library, no. 124; Pocket Library, no. 90.

New Mexico in 1846 and Mexico in 1848.


William J. Hamilton. The Stone Chief; or, The Last of the Red Giants. October 6, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 318; New Dime Novels, no. 433.

Early days in the country southeast of Lake Ontario in the present state of New York. A tale of the Onondagas and Algonkians. The date of the story is before the fall of Quebec.


Roger Starbuck. The Pearl Pirates. A Tale of the Ceylon Pearl-Fisheries. October 20, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 319; Pocket Novels, no. 115; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 237.

A tale of the Indian Ocean, off the Maldive Islands and southwest of Hindostan. Pearl diving. A planned mutiny which fails to come off.


George Gleason. Wistah, the Child Spy; or, The Old Scout of the Wabash. November 3, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 320; Pocket Novels, no. 129; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 131; Pocket Library, no. 441.

Pioneer and Indian days along the Wabash in western Indiana, shortly after the close of the Revolution.


Joseph E. Badger. Honest Hand, the Trapper Guide; or, The Death-Touch of the Blackfeet. November 17, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 321; New Dime Novels, no. 432.

Early days of steamboating on the Upper Missouri. A wrecked steamer, an Indian massacre, a kidnapping, and a rescue.

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Dime Novels

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