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Howard Holmes. Captain Coldgrip, the Sport Detective; or, The New York Spotter in Colorado. June 23, 1886.

Followed by Dime Library, no. 407. A mining town in Colorado, not far from Denver.


William F. Cody. The One-Arm Pard; or, Red Retribution in Borderland. June 30, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 89; Dime Library, no. 401.

Sequence of the series: Dime Library, no. 394; Dime Library, no. 397; Dime Library, no. 401.


William R. Eyster. Snapshot Sam, the Pistol Sharp; or, The Racket at Angels' Flat. July 7, 1886.

An Arizona mining town.


Joseph E. Badger. The Nameless Sport; or, The Kilkenny Cats of 'Way-Up. July 14, 1886.



Philip S. Warne. Silver Rifle Sid; or, A "Daisy" Bluff. A California Romance. July 21, 1886.

San Francisco and adjacent region. A lawsuit over a mine.


William H. Manning. Old Baldy, the Brigadier of Buck Basin; or, Hunted Down by a Woman. July 28, 1886.

Kansas. A private insane asylum and a fire. A tale of three sisters, one of whom was bad and lived with gypsies.


Frederick Whittaker. Old Pop Hicks, Showman; or, Lion Charley's Luck. A Tale of Circus Rivalry. August 4, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 62; Dime Library, no. 406.


Howard Holmes. Captain Coldgrip's Nerve; or, Injun Nick on Deck. August 11, 1886.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 400 and followed by Dime Library, no. 413.

New York and New Mexico. A quest for hidden Spanish treasure.


Albert W. Aiken. Doc Grip, the Sporting Detective; or, The Vendetta of Death. August 18, 1886.

Horse racing, gambling, and check raising in New York City.


Joseph E. Badger. Rob Roy Ranch; or, The Imps of the Pan-Handle. August 25, 1886.

In the Panhandle of Texas in 188-.


K. F. Hill. Sarah Brown, Detective; or, The Mystery of the Pavilion. September 1, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 83; Dime Library, no. 410.


Daniel Boone Dumont. The White Crook; or, Old Harm's Fortress. A Tale of the Arizona Raid. September 8, 1886.

Apaches and bad men in the Mogollon Range, Arizona.


Frederick Whittaker. Larry Locke, the Man of Iron; or, A Fight for a Fortune. A Story of Labor and Capital. September 15, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 50; Dime Library, no. 412; Dime Library, no. 1079.


Howard Holmes. Captain Coldgrip in New York; or, The Dragon League. September 22, 1886.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 400 and Dime Library, no. 407.

New York City and the theft of a diamond dragon.


William F. Cody. Red Renard, the Indian Detective; or, The Gold Buzzards of Colorado. A Romance of the Mines and Dead Trails. September 29, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 101; Dime Library, no. 414.


William H. Manning. Hot Heart, the Detective Spy; or, The Red Jaguar's Mission. A Tale of South California. October 6, 1886.


Joseph E. Badger. Monte Jim, the Black Sheep of Bismark. October 13, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 58; Dime Library, no. 416.


George St. George. Tucson Tom, the Bowie Bravo; or, The Fire Trailers. October 20, 1886.

Tucson, Arizona. A scout and a maiden have a hard time escaping from the Indians, only to fall into Cortina's hands.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Sea Siren; or, The Fugitive Privateer. A Romance of Ocean Trails. October 27, 1886.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 418; Dime Library, no. 1089.

This story is followed by Dime Library, no. 425.

An English pirate in the War of 1812 wishes to hang his own brother. A bitter feud between two Americans.


Albert W. Aiken. The Bat of the Battery; or, Joe Phoenix, King of Detectives. November 3, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 13; Dime Library, no. 419.


Daniel Boone Dumont. The Old River Sport; or, A Man of Honor. November 10, 1886.

Cincinnati. Ohio and Mississippi River boats. Horse thieves and moonshiners.


Howard Holmes. Father Ferrett, the Frisco Shadow; or, The Queen of Bowie Notch. November 17, 1886.

San Francisco and the gold camps shortly after the Civil War.


J. C. Cowdrick. Blue-Grass Burt, the Gold Star Detective; or, To Duty Bound--to Vengeance Sworn. A Romance of the Southland. November 24, 1886.

Kentucky. A moonshiner-detective tale.


Albert W. Aiken. The Lone Hand; or, The Recreants of the Red River. A Tale of the Wild Southwestern Region. December 1, 1886.

Arkansas in 1875. Outlaws seek the lost army chest of Jefferson Davis.


Jackson Knox. Hawk Heron's Deputy; or, Nixey's Nip. December 8, 1886.

Plotting for a fortune in Connecticut.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Sea Sword; or, The Ocean Rivals. December 15, 1886.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 425; Dime Library, no. 1085.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 418.

Bahamas, the adjacent waters. South Carolina, and New York.


Joseph E. Badger. The Ghost Detective; or, The Spy of the Secret Service. December 22, 1886.

South Carolina, 188-. Moonshine and murder.


William H. Manning. The Rivals of Montana Mill; or, Redgrave, the Renegade. December 29, 1886.

A bitter fight to obtain Montana Mill, in 186-.


Leon Lewis. The Flying Glim; or, The Island Lure. January 5, 1887.

A poor brother, a wrecker in Lake Michigan, and a plot to incriminate his rich brother. Ca. 1867.


William R. Eyster. Hair Trigger Tom of Red Bend; or, All Wool and a Yard Wide. January 12, 1887.

Somewhere "out West."


Prentiss Ingraham. The Fatal Frigate; or, Rivals in Love and War. A Romance of Ocean Mysteries a Century Ago. January 19, 1887.

This story is followed by Dime Library, no. 435.

A plot of an English admiral's son to get a ship and a girl.

Time: Before the Revolution.


Philip S. Warne. Californy Kit, the Always on Hand; or, The Mountain Rivals. January 26, 1887. California.


George C. Jenks. The Giant Horseman; or, Tracking the Red Cross Gang. February 2, 1887. Arizona.


Joseph E. Badger. Laughing Leo; or, Spread Eagle Sam's Dandy Pard. February 9, 1887.

This story is preceded by Dime Library, no. 339.

A bitter war between two ranchers. Saved by an Indian girl.


Howard Holmes. Lucifer Lynx, the Wonder Detective; or, A Cool Hand among Hot Heads. A Romance of the Red Divide. February 16, 1887.

The scene is laid in Idaho and Montana, about 188-.


Prentiss Ingraham. The One-Armed Buccaneer; or, The Havenless Cruiser. February 23, 1887.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 430 and followed by Dime Library, no. 446.

Wrecked off the New England coast--driven to sea--in the British navy. The story ends at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.


J. C. Cowdrick. Kentucky Jean, the Sport of Yellow Pine; or, Blue-Eyed Belle of Bended Bow. March 2, 1887.

Suit for a mine in Colorado, about 188-.


William H. Manning. Deep Duke, the Silent Sleuth; or, The Man of Two Lives. A Story of the Ways and Wiles of a Wicked Set. March 9, 1887.

Jersey City. A search for a lost husband brings complications.


Joseph E. Badger. Oklahoma Nick; or, Boomer Bait's Surprise Party. March 16, 1887.

Oklahoma sooners. A good description of a "cyclone."


Daniel Boone Dumont. Salamander Sam; or, The Swamp-Island Renegades. A Tale of the Everglades and Jungles. March 23, 1887.

Florida, after the Civil War.


Albert W. Aiken. The High Horse of the Pacific. A Tale of Western Texas. March 30, 1887.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 52; Dime Library, no. 440.


Howard Holmes. The California Sleuth; or, The Trail of the Gold Grandee. A Story of Shasta. April 6, 1877.

Denver in early boom days, then Condor City, California.


William H. Manning. Wild West Walt, the Mountain Veteran; or, The Gunmakers of World's End. April 13, 1887.

White slaves making guns in the Sioux country in the mountains of the Northwest.


Joseph E. Badger. A Cool Hand; or, Pistol Johnny's Picnic at Top Notch. April 20, 1887.

A mining town murder.


Jackson Knox. The Magic Detective; or, The Hidden Hand. April 27, 1887.

Murder in Five Points, New York City. Waifa, the work girl who wore red flannels, a detective, a clairvoyant, and several villains.

"When she returned ... it was with her sailor suit partly disarranged, but a stout line, formed of twisted strips of red flannel knotted together, in her hands, and the excitement in her eyes augmented to a steadfast glow. . . .

"He was saved. . . .

"The secret of that life-line was now plain to him. ... To provide the material by tearing which would yet be strong enough when twisted, she had been compelled to go beneath her disguise--her underwear had been her last and only resource."


Frederick Whittaker. Journeyman John, the Champion; or, The Winning Hand. A Story of how a Carpenter made his Way in the World. May 4, 1887.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 19; Dime Library, no. 445.


Prentiss Ingraham. Ocean Ogre, the Outcast Corsair; or, The Good Ship of Ill-Omen. A Romance of Piracy. May 11, 1887.

Sequence of the series: Dime Library, no. 430; Dime Library, no. 435; Dime Library, no. 446.

Havana. Gambling away a daughter, the bride of a buccaneer. Scene shifts to the sea near Boston. Time: Revolutionary days.


Howard Holmes. Volcano, the 'Frisco Spy; or, The Secret of the Secret Seven. A Wild Tale of a Nevada Mine. May 18, 1887.

California and Nevada.


Dangerfield Burr. Hark Kenton, the Traitor; or, The Hunted Life. A Romance of Two Generations, May 25, 1887.

Place: Mexico. Time: During the war with Mexico.


William H. Manning. Bluff Burke, King of the Rockies; or, The Black Statue Rivals. June 1, 1887.

Kentucky outlaws.


Joseph E. Badger. The Rustler Detective; or, The Bounding Buck from Buffalo Wallow. June 8, 1887.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 450; Dime Library, no. 1090.

Texas, some years after the war with Mexico.


Jackson Knox. Griplock, the Rocket Detective; or, The Hanshaw Mystery. June 15, 1887.

New York City murder-detective story.


J. C. Cowdrick. Rainbow Rob, the Tulip from Texas; or, The Spot Saint's Mission. June 22, 1887.

Colorado, 1880.


Howard Holmes. Captain Coldgrip's Long Trail; or, Sleuth against Sleuth. June 29, 1887.



Daniel Boone Dumont. The Night Raider; or, The Mysterious Marauder. A Tale of the Cattle Corrals. July 6, 1887.

Cattle thieves in southern Colorado.


William H. Manning. Yank Yellowbird, the Tall Hustler of the Hills; or, The Conspirators of Medicine Springs. July 13, 1887.

Colorado. Yellowbird was a good story teller.

"I've set on him like a coroner, an' it's contrary ter all preserdent ter let a man go when he's b'en sot on. I know that from exper'ence. I was once blowed up in a 'splosion down in St. Louis, an' remained insenseless fur two days. When I come to, the coroner was settin' on me, an' jest goin' ter sign his name ter a paper.

"'Take the corpus an' this burial permit,' sez he, ter an assistant, 'an' bury 'em both right away.'

'"Hold on,' sez I; 'I object.'

"'Why d'ye object?' sez he.

" 'Cause I'm alive, by hurley,' sez I.

" 'That's your fault, an' not mine,' sez he, dippin' his pen in the ink ag'in, ter sign the burial permit.

"'I won't be buried alive,' I yelled, in consternation; 'it won't agree with me, an' I know it. The grave will give me an egregious a'tack o' newrolg'y.'

" 'We'll make it warm,' sez he.

" 'I'll make it warm fur you,' sez I, 'if you don't let me out. I ain't dead, an' I won't be buried. Open the door an' let me out o' yer atrocious channel-house, or I'll smash all the furniture, by hurley!'

" 'Young man,' sez he, severely, 'you've b'en duly sot on an' pronounced dead, an' you've got ter be buried. It is egregious bad taste in you ter behave so; yer conduct is re'lly apprehensible. Behave like a gentleman now; show yer bringin' up, an' don't disgrace yer parients!'

"This illusion to my parients stirred me to the quick, fur all the Yellowbirds is proud o' their pedigreen.

" "I'll show my bringin' up,' sez I, an' with that I brung up my knees and sent him flyin' off'n me.

"I slid outer the door like a jack-rabbit, an' never stopped runnin' ontil St. Louis was forty mile distant. I've sence heerd that the h'ist I give the coroner sent him up a'gin the ceilin', an' he actooally was so confused that he signed his name thar, mistakin' it fur the burial permit."


Leon Lewis. The Demon Steer; or, The Outlaws of the Abilene Cattle Trail. July 20, 1887.

Southern Kansas near the Oklahoma line, at that time called Indian Territory. Cattle thieves.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Sea Insurgent; or, The Conspirator's Son. A Romance of the West Indies. July 27, 1887.

Cuba and the adjacent sea.


Joseph E. Badger. Dutch Dan, the Pilgrim from Spitzberge; or, The Rocky Racket at Rough Robin. August 3, 1887.

Detective story, "out West."


William R. Eyster. Major Sunshine, the Man of Three Lives; or, The Waiting Waifs at Git Thar. August 10, 1887.

Western mining story.


Howard Holmes. Captain Coldgrip, the City Sleuth; or, The Coolest Woman in New York. A Romance of the Traps, Trails and Mysteries of a Great City. August 17, 1887.

New York City detective story.


Albert W. Aiken. The Fresh on the Rio Grande; or, The Red Riders of Rayon. A Story of the Texan Frontier. August 24, 1887.

Sequence of the "Fresh" stories: Dime Library, no. 461; Dime Library, no. 497; Dime Library, no. 529; Dime Library, no. 537.

The illustration on the front of this novel, but with the stage driver's beard trimmed and his hair lengthened to represent Buffalo Bill, was later used on Dime Library, no. 1000.

Las Cruces to El Paso, Texas, in stagecoach and road agent days. California Joe is an active character in the story.


Jackson Knox. The Circus Detective; or, Griplock in a New Role. August 31, 1887.

Locale: New York City and vicinity. As usual, the detective is a superman with his fists. He had remarkable eyes! "They were dilating and contracting most wonderfully, while changing as many colors as a pair of opals in a room of shifting lights and shades." A circus story.


William H. Manning. Gold Gauntlet, the Gulch Gladiator; or, Yank Yellowbird's Hot Campaign. September 7, 1887.

Locale: Utah. Mormons, Danites, and Yank Yellowbird.


Daniel Boone Dumont. Sandycraw, the Man of Grit; or, The River Sport's Revenge. September 14, 1887.

On a Mississippi River steamboat--fracas over a card game --river pirates. St. Louis, New Madrid, and the Tennessee shore opposite.


Albert W. Aiken. The Actor Detective. A Story of Real Life in New York. September 21, 1887.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 103; Dime Library, no. 465.


Joseph E. Badger. Old Rough and Ready, the Sage of Sundown; or, Not for Life but for Honor. September 28, 1887.

Locale: "Sundown" somewhere in the gold mining region. "Jealousy brings both bother and strife, as it did to Mariar the dustman's wife."


Jackson Knox. Mainwaring, the Salamander; or, The Detective's Ordeal. October 5, 1887.

Harlem. A suspected poisoning case. Danger for the detective.


Howard Holmes. Coldgrip in Deadwood; or, The Great Detective's Double Trail. October 12, 1887.

A mining story of Deadwood, South Dakota, and vicinity, when gold, apparently, was abundant in the Black Hills.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Lieutenant Detective; or, The Fugitive Sailor. A Romance of the Chesapeake. October 19, 1887.

Maryland, early in the nineteenth century. Another "Brand the buccaneer" story.


William H. Manning. The Duke of Dakota; or, Yank Yellowbird's Fiery Gantlet. October 26, 1887.

An attempted murder and its consequences. Yellowbird to the rescue.


E. A. St. Mox. The Heart of Oak Detective; or, Zigzag's full Hand. A Romance of Texan Toughs and Texan Trails. November 2, 1887.

Arkansaw Amos's gang of train robbers in Texas.


Philip S. Warne. Six-Foot Si; or, The Man to "Tie To." A Tale of the Hero of Mulligan's Bend. November 9, 1887.

A struggle for the key to a cryptogram which gave the location of a valuable mine.


J. C. Cowdrick. Gilbert of Gotham, the Steel Arm Detective; or, Fighting the Powers of Air. November 16, 1887.

A New York detective story. The last of the "New Order of the Occident" hypnotizes the heir to millions.


Joseph E. Badger. Daddy Dead-Eye, the Despot of Dew-Drop; or, The Damsel from Deseret. November 23, 1887.

Colorado. Trouble over a threatened unwelcome marriage.


Albert W. Aiken. Chin Chin, the Chinese Detective; or, The Dark Work of the Black Hand. November 30, 1887.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 130; Dime Library, no. 475.


Prentiss Ingraham. Bob Brent, Buccaneer; or, The Red Sea-Raider. December 7, 1887.

Early nineteenth century. Pirates and smugglers on the Massachusetts coast.


Jackson Knox. Dead-Arm Brandt; or, The Long Vengeance. A Detective Story. December 14, 1887.

In the oil regions of western Pennsylvania.


William R. Eyster. Pinnacle Pete; or, The Fool from Way Back. December 21, 1887.

A woman detective, road agents, and bad men in the gold mining country.


William H. Manning. Gladiator Gabe, the Samson of Sassajack; or, Yank Yellowbird's Castle Crusade. December 28, 1887.

A story of the mining town of "Sassajack," Montana.


Howard Holmes. Hawkspear, the Man with a Secret; or, New York Nick's Spirit Trail. January 4, 1888.

New York City. Fifteen years ago a girl had been kidnapped. The secret of her whereabouts for sale. A clairvoyant aids the detective.


Leon Lewis. The Silent Sleuths; or, The Bogus Nephew. A Romance of Inspector Mortimer's Best Case. January 11, 1888.

New York and Philadelphia detective story. Wicked uncle tries to murder his rich nephew.


Prentiss Ingraham. Ocean Tramps; or, The Desperadoes of the Deep. January 18, 1888.

Followed by Dime Library, no. 489 and Dime Library, no. 493.

Cuba, Louisiana, and Baltimore, early in the nineteenth century. Pirates. Shipwrecked in the Atlantic and rescued by a Mexican cruiser.


Edward Willett. Flush Fred. the River Sharp; or, Hearts for Stages. A Romance of Three Queens and Two Knaves. January 25, 1888.

Mississippi state and river--an honest gambler--a duel at two paces--a boiler explosion on a river steamer.


Leon Lewis. Captain Ready, the Red Ransomer; or, Nick Peddie's Wild West Inheritance. A Romance of Dead Man's Ranch. February 1, 1888.

In the Rockies. A rolling tavern and a robbers' roost in the mountains. A long and difficult road to Dead Man's Ranch.


Jackson Knox. Rowlock, the Harbor Detective; or, The Terrible Twins. A Real Life Romance of In and Around New York. February 8, 1888.

Vicinity of New York City in 1887. A stolen jewel chest and the perils of recovering it.


William H. Manning. Kansas Kitten, the Northwest Detective; or, Yank Yellowbird's Search-Brigade. A Romance of Southern Montana. February 15, 1888.

Further adventures of Yank Yellowbird.


Howard Holmes. Sunshine Sam, Chip of the Old Block; or, The Silent Trail of the Silent Six. A Romance of No-Gold Land. February 22, 1888.

San Francisco and the Sierras in 188-. Adventures of Sunshine Sam, a pupil of Captain Coldgrip.


Joseph E. Badger. The Thoroughbred Sport; or, The Big Bracer's Bequest. February 29, 1888.

The mining town of "Silver Lode." A gang of outlaws with a woman chief--doubling for an heiress--a queer duel.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Pirate Hunter; or, The Ocean Rivals. A Romance of Many Lands and Seas. March 7, 1888.

Sequence of the series: Dime Library, no. 482, Dime Library, no. 489, Dime Library, no. 493.

Cuba, Massachusetts, and Maine. A captive of the Moors--buccaneers--treasure. Date: early nineteenth century.


Albert W. Aiken. The Lone Hand in Texas; or, The Red-Gloved Raiders of the Rio Grande. A Tale of Wild Life in the Southwestern Border. March 14, 1888.

On the Texas-Mexican border. Adventures of Captain Vermilion and his outlaws, the "Brothers of the Red Hand."


E. A. St. Mox. Zigzag and Cutt, the Invincible Detectives; or, A Precious Set of Scoundrels. March 21, 1888.

Ashville, near New York City, bank robbery--president tries to fasten suspicion on the bookkeeper--a cryptogram and an abduction.


William H. Manning. Border Bullet, the Prairie Sharpshooter; or, Yank Yellowbird's Black Hills Colony. March 28, 1888.

Sioux and deserters from the army. Yellowbird, as usual, tells tall tales.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Scouts of the Sea; or, The Avenging Buccaneer. A Romance of the Waves. April 4, 1888.

Sequence of the series: Dime Library, no. 482, Dime Library, no. 489, Dime Library, no. 493.

Atlantic Ocean, Boston and North Carolina. Further adventures with pirates. Death of Robert Brent (Brentwood).


Jackson Knox. The Detectives' Spy; or, The Invisible Rook. A Tale of the Mysteries and Miseries of New York. April 11, 1888.

A gang of robbers led by "The Rook." Hanged at last by accident.


Joseph E. Badger. Rattlepate Rob; or, The Roundhead's Reprisal. A Romance of the Rio Grande Ranches. April 18, 1888.

Cowboys and outlaws in Texas.


Howard Holmes. Richard Redfire, the Two Worlds Detective; or, To the Bitter End. A Romance of the Silver Hills. April 25, 1888.

Sybil, a nameless waif, sets a detective on a trail to find her parents in Colorado. She finds, eventually, that she is descended from "one of the best American families in France"! and an "immense fortune is paid over to her." She marries the detective.


Albert W. Aiken. The Fresh in Texas; or, The Escobedo Millions. A Romance of the Great Ranch. May 2, 1888.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 497; Dime Library, no. 1099.

Sequence of stories: Dime Library, no. 461, Dime Library, no. 497, Dime Library, no. 529, Dime Library, no. 537.

El Paso, Texas. A crooked alcalde and chief of police have to raise money to pay the crooked governor. California Joe appears.


William H. Manning. Central Pacific Paul, the Mail-Train Spy; or, Yank Yellowbird's Iron Trail. May 9, 1888.

Colorado. A train held up by a flood--train robbers--a young girl in bad hands--Yellowbird to the rescue.


J. C. Cowdrick. Twilight Charlie, the Road Sport; or, Sulphur Sam's Double. A Romance of the Wild Lands of the Yampah. May 16, 1888.

Northwestern Colorado, 1878.

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