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Beadle's Monthly

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I. Seeley Regester. The Dead Letter. January, 1866, to September, 1866. Nine installments in volumes I and II. 20 illustrations.

Found in: Beadle's Monthly, no. 1; Fifty Cents Book, no. 50 (8vo.);Fifty Cents Book, no. (12mo.); Cheap Edition of Popular Authors, no. 7; Fireside Library, no. 44.

This story was published elsewhere two years before it appeared in Beadle's Monthly. Later it was modified to give it an English setting and suggest that it was written by an English novelist, and was published without permission of the author by Cassell, Potter and Galpin in their Illustrated Paper.

A letter turns up in the Dead Letter Office, two years after it was written. The clerk is carried back in memory to Peekskill, New York, and a tragedy of October 17, 1857. The missing link is eventually obtained in California.


I. Albert D. Richardson. Our New States and Territories. June, 1866, to October, 1866. Five installments with 45 illustrations.

Found in: Beadle's Monthly, no. I; Fifty Cents Book, no. 50 .

Describes a journey through Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Washington Territory, and California in the 1860's.


II. Mrs. Catharine A. Warfield. The Romance of the Green Seal. August, 1866, to December, 1866.

Found in: Beadle's Monthly, no. II; Fifty Cents Book, no. 50; Cheap Edition of Popular Authors, no. 9; Fireside Library, no. 16 (late printings).

An unhappy wife in Louisiana begins a clandestine correspondence with an unknown man who uses a green seal on his letters. He sends her his picture but she does not send hers. When her husband strikes her, she flees to Memphis, intending to meet the unknown, but is persuaded by her cousin to go to her mother's home in Tennessee instead. A passenger, injured in a steamboat explosion on the Mississippi, is brought to the house. She recognizes her unknown correspondent, but does not let him know who she is. He falls in love with her and proposes, although he is already married. At the same time he tells her about a foolish girl with whom he had corresponded and who wrote him silly letters. She kills him and dies insane two years later.

† Date of story, 183- to 184-.


II. Mrs. Metta V. Victor. Who Was He? November, 1866, to May, 1867. Seven installments with one illustration.

Found in: Beadle's Monthly, no. II; Fifty Cents Book, no. 50; Saturday Journal/Star Journal (various title changes), no. 36; Cheap Edition of Popular Authors, no. 3; Fireside Library, no. 43.

New York City, 187 - , and Paris. Reported drowned — a worker in fine furniture who has difficulty in proving he is himself.


III. William Wirt Sikes. Greenblow in Gotham. January, 1867, to June, 1867. Six installments, no illustrations.

Darius Greenblow, a clerk in a store in the village of Butterfield's Corners, New York, inherits some money from his grandmother. He goes to New York City, falls into the hands of gamblers, is slugged and gets into the police court. He goes back to the village a wiser and a more subdued man.


III. Mary N. Prescott. From Post to Pillar. April, 1867, to June, 1867. Three installments, no illustrations.

A girl in a New England state quarrels with her lover on account of a forged letter. She accepts a man she does not love but eventually explanations are made, and all ends happily.

1 - 6

Beadle's Monthly

† Correction made as per Volume 3.
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