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Belles and Beaux



"By Author of 'High Degree'" [Georgiana Dickens] The Rothcourt Heir; or, Betrothed at the Cradle. No. 1, January 31, 1874, to No. 5, February 28, 1874. No illustrations.

Found in: Belles and Beaux, no. 1; Waverley Library (quarto edition), no. 133; Waverley Library (octavo edition), no. 66.

Originally appeared as a serial in The Family Herald, London, beginning November 15, 1873. The author was given as "C. C."

English love story. Lord and Lady Roth and the Rutherfords plan their childrens' future a few months after the boy and girl are born.


Mrs. E. F. Ellet. Alida Barrett; or, The Door in the Heart. No. 1, January 31, 1874, to No. 12, April 18, 1874. Two illustrations.

Found in: Belles and Beaux, no. 1; Saturday Journal/Star Journal (various title changes), no. 248; Fireside Library, no. 52; Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 550.

New York City. A story of a sewing girl who received $3.50 for doing a piece of work. The dressmaker who employed her received $17.00 for the same dress from the fashionable ladies' tailors, who sold it for $65.00. The girl turns out to be the daughter of the banker's wife by a former marriage.


Anon. Kate Darling; or, The Belle of the School. No. 1, January 1, 1874, to No. 13, April 25, 1874. Five illustrations.

Found in: Belles and Beaux, no. 1; Girls of Today, no. 1.

† Appeared originally in the English magazine Wedding Bells, November 1, 1873, to March 14, 1874.

A man of sixty sends Kate to boarding school to keep her away from his nephew and rival. The consequences of a threat of exposure that her father is an escaped convict are told.


Mrs. Jennie Davis Burton. The Maddest Marriage Ever Was. No. 5, February 28, 1874, to No. 13, April 25, 1874. One illustration.

Found in: Belles and Beaux, no. 5; Cheap Edition of Popular Authors, no. 2; Fireside Library, no. 49.

Contemporary New York City and New Jersey. To escape from the guardianship of her aunt, a girl marries an unknown man who signs a bond never to lay claim to her, and for it he receives half her fortune. Knowing neither his name nor his appearance, for she did not see his face, she eventually falls in love with him.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


Belles and Beaux

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