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Brown, William Perry.

William Perry Brown, son of Brigadier General Philip Perry Brown and Sarah (Jackson) Brown, was born near Ardmore, Indian Territory, in 1847. The family originally came from New York, but his father was a minister and in charge of a mission school in the Indian Territory when he was born. He attended Madison (now Colgate) College, Hamilton, New York, but was not graduated. At the outbreak of the Civil War, his father left him with his grandfather at Philadelphia, where he began some kind of odd job work on a newspaper. His first permanent newspaper reporting was for the St. Louis Globe Democrat. Later he was with the New Orleans Picayune and the New York Globe, and was in England for two or three years as foreign correspondent for the New York Herald. While there he began free-lance writing, and on his return to this country continued that kind of work. He wrote short stories and poems for various weeklies and magazines, including the Springfield Republican, Ainslee's Magazine, Golden Days, the Youth's Companion, Woman's World, Chicago Ledger, Banner Weekly, Housewife, People's Home Journal, Southern Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, and various outdoor magazines, such as Forest and Stream. He went to Glenville, West Virginia, in 1888, and was there married, September 3, 1890, to Emma E. Hays. From 1890 to 1892 he was associated with Sam Walter Foss as editor of the Yankee Blade (Boston). After 1892, he resumed his free-lance writing until shortly before his death. He died in Glenville, September 4, 1923, and was survived by his wife and two sons. According to a letter from his son, Gordon H. Brown, the only pen name he ever used was "Captain William B. Perry."

His longer books include "A Sea Island Romance" (1888),"Roriama" (1896), "Ralph Grainger's Fortunes" (1902), "Vance Sevier" (1903), "Florida Lads" (1903), "The Easterners" (1910), "Nick Carter's Persistence" (1911), "Jackies of the Fleet" (1917), "Pilots of the Air" (1917), and "Sammies in the Trenches" (1918).

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