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Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Reference and Research

    Reference and Research Department
    Founders Memorial First Floor
    Telephone Number: 815-753-0152

    Wendell  Johnson, Department Head
    Founders Memorial 207A
    Telephone Number: 815-753-1634
    EMail Address: wjohnso1@niu.edu

    Meredith  Ayers, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 310
    Telephone Number: 815-753-1872
    EMail Address: mayers@niu.edu

    Wayne  Finley, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 311
    Telephone Number: 815-753-0991
    EMail Address: wfinley@niu.edu

    Larissa  Garcia, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 145C
    Telephone Number: 815-753-4822
    EMail Address: larissagarcia@niu.edu

    Karen  Hovde, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 145B
    Telephone Number: 815-753-1770
    EMail Address: khovde@niu.edu

    Ladka  Khailova, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 207C
    Telephone Number: 815-753-1351
    EMail Address: khailova@niu.edu

    Kathy  Ladell, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 145F
    Telephone Number: 815-753-5290
    EMail Address: kladell@niu.edu

    David  Lonergan, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 138
    Telephone Number: 815-753-9866
    EMail Address: nemo@niu.edu

    Beth  McGowan, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 207B
    Telephone Number: 815-753-1947
    EMail Address: bmcgowan@niu.edu

    Nestor  Osorio, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 304b
    Telephone Number: 815-753-9837
    EMail Address: Nosorio@niu.edu

    Junlin  Pan, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 203
    Telephone Number: 815-753-0530
    EMail Address: jpan@niu.edu

    Robert  Ridinger, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 268A
    Telephone Number: 815-753-1367
    EMail Address: rridinger@niu.edu

    Leanne  VandeCreek, Library Faculty
    Founders Memorial 204
    Telephone Number: 815-753-4025
    EMail Address: lvandecreek@niu.edu